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Hector and Merlin

The room was unimpressive. Hector had been in interrogation rooms before and this one was as plain as any of the others. Faded white paint, chipped off of some walls. Old table with predictable scratches and dents. The surveillance camera was old too. It was all rather boring. He was actually looking forward to returning … Read more

And So It Was

Jenny looked at the corpse, its limbs still contorting closer to its torso despite Death’s touch. “I thought you were against this,” she said before glancing up. Death seemed to consider the scene again, but remained silent. Neither apologetic nor happy about the latest turn of events. Jenny hadn’t really expected him to say anything. … Read more

Final Farewell

Anita’s gravestone was impressive, obviously expensive and expertly craved. I idly wondered if James had asked one of his friends to do it or hired a stranger. Was that a skill one acquired after burying so many? Did they consider it a personal matter to craft a gravestone? “Thank you for coming,” James said breaking the silence. “It means … Read more

Last Gasp

He paid little attention to the blood on the floor. It was the eye that drew him closer. His target’s resilience was starting to fade, signified by the fluttering of his one good eye. That eye wasn’t much better than his right, of course, but it wasn’t swollen shut yet. It could still see enough. … Read more

Red Riding Hood (variation)

Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Little Red Riding-Hood. Yes, that was her name; her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Riding-Hood, thought they were tremendously clever and funny. One day, these incredibly responsible parents sent their young child to her grandmother’s house. Of course, grandma didn’t leave just down the street or even … Read more

Idealistic Optimist

The sun is shining behind the fluffy clouds. The birds are cheerfully singing songs of joy. Dogs are panting with smiles on their furry faces. Even cats appear to have happiness dancing in their eyes. Kids are playing with their laughter echoing in the air. Parents are tenderly wondering about their children, eager to see … Read more