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Mental Health: My Bum Brain

I say I have a bum brain. That’s how I describe mental health issues. I just figure it’s easier to equate mental health with a leg’s health. Sometimes the leg seems fine. Other times, there’s a limp, a hinderance from running like usual. Sometimes there’s pain that’s bearable. Other times, it makes it hard to … Read more

Mental Health and the Invisible Bum Leg

One of the big problems with mental health is that any issues aren’t always apparent. If one has a bum leg, it can be noticeable. Not always, of course. People manoeuvre and function just fine with a bad leg. Until a time pops up and they’re having issues, but others can tell it’s because of … Read more

Dealing with depression and anxiety

First and foremost, I think it should be noted that I am not a danger to myself or others. (That’s usually a big question when one first brings up stuff like this.) Rest assured, my mind only wants me to suffer. My anxiety comes from low self-esteem in the sense that I have a voice … Read more