Just a little CoVid test

Yesterday was interesting. I’d started with a cough on Monday. It’s the season for it, right? This cough was one I dislike: the kind that can be harsh, hurting the throat & chest a bit. But it wasn’t often. Then yesterday I woke up feeling pretty off. Joint soreness (thank you premenopause) can happen, but … Read more

Overtaxed? How do you know?

Often we’re told that we’re overtaxed, we pay too much in taxes. But how do we know that? I understand looking at the percentage we pay in taxes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too much. It’s like saying milk costs too much, but only saying the proof is that it’s more than we want … Read more

Decriminalize illicit drugs, WE connections, taxes

If the federal Liberals agree with the police chiefs to decriminalize illicit drugs, are they going against their promise? Or listening to police and advocates? Facts? What drugs are included? Should any be policed? The distinction is made between personal possession & trafficking, is that enough? —— Are the federal Conservative connections to WE important? … Read more

Abandoned houses Interest

Why are abandoned houses so interesting? The glimpses to the past? Or is it the mysteries they present? Why were they abandoned? What had they meant to the owners? Anything valuable left behind? What was life like back then? How did the house reflect that? Any secret spots?

Proper deficit amount in pandemic?

How do we know if the deficit is a good amount for a country dealing with a pandemic? Are there any proper comparisons available? Is it something we’ll only ever know in hindsight? Or just something that’ll be discussed and argued for a long time? What have the Opposition parties decided shouldn’t have been done … Read more

Normalizing killers?

Why do we consistently try to show how normal someone was before they went to kill someone? To absolve people of guilt that there nothing to be done to stop it? What if there are signs? Is it to get rid of the belief that someone we know isn’t capable of this? Does it uncover … Read more


How did distrust in science get so bad? Too unbelievable? Too hard to explain? Or did scientists stop trying? Did it become inaccessible?

What is “Poor?”

What is poor? Can you have a phone or a fridge? In the world today, isn’t a phone almost necessary? Safety reasons since there aren’t many pay phones these days. For jobs or even job interviews. Is it just the landline? Can you have a computer? Internet? So many things online, even job applications, schooling. … Read more