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I Believe

I believe that Wuzzles are cute,

Naked mole rats never were, and never will be,
Death by chocolate is an acceptable way to go,
And death by brussel sprouts is the worst way to go.

I believe that art is everywhere.

Money is not the root of all evil,

Arrogance and greed are,

And anyone whose presence is not missed in a day is doing something wrong.

I believe that love is unconditional,
Understanding is far more important than tolerance,

Being able to ask for help is a sign of strength,
Always asking for help is a sign of weakness,
And that the sun is warmest when one is with friends.

I believe that animals can understand their owner’s language,

Flowers and plants cannot survive in my care indefinitely,

The goal in life is to be wanted but unneeded,
And talking to oneself is fine.
And I agree.

I believe that one is never too old to tell a really corny joke,
No one should owe anything to anyone,

Most of the present science fiction will become the future reality,

There is more between Heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in most philosophies,
And a baby’s smile can brighten up a room faster and better than any light bulb.

I believe that the ability to adapt is the key to survival,

The ability to love and accept love is the key to living,

Bagpipes can make beautiful, and highly motivating music,
And live performances should always beat recordings.

I believe that one should walk in the rain often,
One should occasionally splash in puddles,

The blues is music that tempts the soul to move and feel,

And seeing a bunny freely hopping around is lucky.

I believe that many Americans are ignorant of Canada and its citizens,

Many Canadians are ignorant of the US and its citizens,

The value of a hug is underestimated,

The value of total independence is overestimated,

Strawberry jam on eggs, and pickles in ice cream tastes great,

And books should always be better than their movies.

I believe that Douglas Adams wrote classics,

Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself is cool,

Fantasy and science fiction shows are generally awesome,

Referencing movies and tv shows is always okay,

And you “can call me flower” if you want to.

I believe that living regret-free is a good goal,

Imagination must be encouraged,

Censorship is flawed,

The spirit of a law is more important than the letter of a law,

And history should be known and researched.

I believe that smiles and laughter are contagious,
One should wonder why often,
Self-potential is usually underestimated,

And the funky chicken is a neat dance.

I believe that sometimes the bravest action is simply standing one’s ground,

One should always have a Plan B,
Handsome devil is a good term to remember,

Mucker and higgledy-piggledy are fun words to remember,

And the phone call when one enters the washroom is a cosmic running gag.

I believe that everyone needs time to rest,
Chess can be symbolic of life,

Not wearing a watch during one’s vacation is a must,

The fear of the unknown is the most powerful,
Early morning walks are the most refreshing,
And early morning bus rides are the most boring.

I believe that freedom of expression is a right,
Freedom from consequences is not,

One should admit to one’s mistakes,
The number 13 is lucky,
Doodling is a good way to spend part of one’s free time,

And lawn bowling is not.

I believe that good communication is key,
Honesty is paramount,

Less secrets are better,

Change is hard but necessary for evolution,

The world opens up when we do,

And we’re all in this together whether we like it or not.

I believe that everyone is a genius and an idiot,

Perceptions are biased and must be challenged,

Self-proclaimed know-it-alls know the least,
Friends and pets can be family,

And whoever makes Santa Claus outfits for pets must be stopped.

I believe that one should stay true to one’s principles,
Results rarely justify the means,

No one should ever stop learning,

The mind is more powerful than any limb,
One should follow one’s dreams,

One should dream often,
One should still be realistic,

And ‘Firefly’ should still be on the air.

I believe that anything is possible,

Humanity can endure any tragedy,

Nothing beats a loving family,

And yes, the Wuzzles are still cute.