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Idealistic Optimist

The sun is shining behind the fluffy clouds. The birds are cheerfully singing songs of joy. Dogs are panting with smiles on their furry faces. Even cats appear to have happiness dancing in their eyes. Kids are playing with their laughter echoing in the air. Parents are tenderly wondering about their children, eager to see … Read more

Lost Friend

What does one say to a friend who has lost a loved one? What does one say to a friend who has lost anyone? What does anyone say to anyone who has lost anyone? The words “my condolences” often convey the emotion properly, but that’s more because it’s the thing to say than it has … Read more

In the beginning, a different meaning

Sometimes it’s crazy how missing one word can change an entire sentence’s meaning. Forgetting part of a quote can have the same effect. And sometimes, we change things because we don’t recall how they even began. Here’s a few examples: “Money is the root of all evil.” is actually “For the love of money is … Read more