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Mental Health: My Bum Brain

I say I have a bum brain. That’s how I describe mental health issues. I just figure it’s easier to equate mental health with a leg’s health. Sometimes the leg seems fine. Other times, there’s a limp, a hinderance from running like usual. Sometimes there’s pain that’s bearable. Other times, it makes it hard to … Read more

Hector and Merlin

The room was unimpressive. Hector had been in interrogation rooms before and this one was as plain as any of the others. Faded white paint, chipped off of some walls. Old table with predictable scratches and dents. The surveillance camera was old too. It was all rather boring. He was actually looking forward to returning … Read more

Just a little CoVid test

Yesterday was interesting. I’d started with a cough on Monday. It’s the season for it, right? This cough was one I dislike: the kind that can be harsh, hurting the throat & chest a bit. But it wasn’t often. Then yesterday I woke up feeling pretty off. Joint soreness (thank you premenopause) can happen, but … Read more

Mental Health and the Invisible Bum Leg

One of the big problems with mental health is that any issues aren’t always apparent. If one has a bum leg, it can be noticeable. Not always, of course. People manoeuvre and function just fine with a bad leg. Until a time pops up and they’re having issues, but others can tell it’s because of … Read more

Dealing with depression and anxiety

First and foremost, I think it should be noted that I am not a danger to myself or others. (That’s usually a big question when one first brings up stuff like this.) Rest assured, my mind only wants me to suffer. My anxiety comes from low self-esteem in the sense that I have a voice … Read more

Overtaxed? How do you know?

Often we’re told that we’re overtaxed, we pay too much in taxes. But how do we know that? I understand looking at the percentage we pay in taxes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too much. It’s like saying milk costs too much, but only saying the proof is that it’s more than we want … Read more


In the beginning, Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) was meant to bring people with disabilities into society. That was the goal: inclusion. Somewhere along the way, ODSP became a means to push people with disabilities into society by getting them off ODSP (and the government financial assistance and/or humanitarian subsidies). That become the goal: save … Read more

Let’s Do This

I say we go for it. We’re already in unprecedented territory. So let’s go all in. Make those radical changes. NDP & Green & Liberal & Bloc (if possible) band together: UBI, more subsidies for green energy & new technologies/medicines (diversify like mad, really make Canada the hub of innovations), less subsidies for oil, end … Read more

Decriminalize illicit drugs, WE connections, taxes

If the federal Liberals agree with the police chiefs to decriminalize illicit drugs, are they going against their promise? Or listening to police and advocates? Facts? What drugs are included? Should any be policed? The distinction is made between personal possession & trafficking, is that enough? —— Are the federal Conservative connections to WE important? … Read more