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Learn All About The Hottest Modest Goddess

As the title suggests I enjoy a bit of humour while talking about myself, and I have a certain view of myself.

If beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, then why can’t I be the hottest?

Is it bragging to say so? Or humble to merely admit what one deems as fact?

The Goddess part just fits with the wording of the rest of the title. However, I do think all women are goddesses in their own right, as long as that’s how they perceive themselves. Not a goddess to lord over mortals, but the beauty of a goddess is there.

This all makes it sound as though I think very highly of myself. I really don’t. My personal rating is probably closer to mediocre. Anyone could do what I’ve done in life. Many possibly better. I’ve done all right, though.

Full-time permanent job with benefits– I believe this is the part where I make it clear that any thoughts or opinions I have are my own and not reflective of my employer’s or that of coworkers.

I’ve written and illustrated a children’s book, with plans to finish a novel or several one day. There are a lot of stories in my head that I need to write down. Short ones, I can share here.

My artwork is decent. Good enough I have been commissioned to illustrate a book, and do some other small works in the past. I actually graduated from a graphic design program so I have that going for me. For years I had issues looking at my art, having worked at a very toxic work environment (doing graphic design) that destroyed a lot of confidence. I’m still having issues at times, but I’m better able to work through it.

This has a lot to do with focusing on mental health the past few years (seeing a counsellor can really change things), and even my physical health being off. I have irritable bowel syndrome and it took a few years for the docs to figure out how to treat it because my body doesn’t follow the usual rules. It makes life interesting, and gives me lots of time for self reflection. I’ve sorted through a lot in the last 4-5 years, and am better for it.

That’s a fair bit about me. What else can I add? I like reading fiction books, usually fantasy. For news reports, I prefer articles to short news clips. Documentaries are always in My List on Netflix, lots of true crime. I prefer movies over tv shows, and love a good comedy.

I’m fine with taxes, as I think we gotta pay for services somehow. I support efficient & transparent government, human subsidies (like business subsidies but for people), and universal basic income with healthcare and pharmacare. I’m anti-racist, hate systemic racism and disagree with anyone saying it doesn’t exist. I try to amplify voices that deserve to be heard over mine, and I try to learn how to be a better human. I think funding should go into mental health services, programs to reduce poverty and addictions. It’s past time to start dealing with the root causes of problems. There’s plenty of hard work involved, and time, and money, but if society found a way to pay to create, continue and encourage these problems, society can find a way to fix or get rid of them.

So that’s me.

Oh and I love listening to bagpipes. I can listen to pretty much all music if I’m in the right mood (blues, pop, rock are usually favourites), but bagpipes are amazing. It was an experience to hear them played live and upclose at a festival one year. Beautiful.

Like me.

The hottest modest goddess.