Let’s Do This

I say we go for it. We’re already in unprecedented territory. So let’s go all in. Make those radical changes. NDP & Green & Liberal & Bloc (if possible) band together: UBI, more subsidies for green energy & new technologies/medicines (diversify like mad, really make Canada the hub of innovations), less subsidies for oil, end some lawsuits & just pay up already, do all those recommendations from MMIWG and countless other inquiries— stop saying it costs $ to change, body cameras for all RCMP & a program to support body cameras in all municipalities, new national strategies & supports for disabilities/accessibility and mental health & more, and fix the prime minister’s house (sell off bricks as collectors’ items, get rid of the asbestos, etc).

Get all those sweeping changes going. Raise taxes near the end of the term to pay for everything and challenge anyone to promise cutting or defunding the programs that are working.

You get what you pay for. Let’s show how much tax goes into different programs. Show what is being paid for.

You gotta spend money to make money. Let’s spend.

Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again, and expecting a different result. Let’s do different.

Be bold. Challenge the old. Let’s go for it. What’ve we got to lose at this point?

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