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Questioning WE, Recuse, Politicians Saying Ridiculous Q, Male Weakness

Opposition passed a motion for 4 periods of at least 3 hours to go over the WE charity controversy. Isn’t someone else already getting paid to look into that? Isn’t that a redundant cost? Is there a more efficient use of their time? Couldn’t they use that time to suggest other charities to use to help students? Or do nearly anything else to help the country?

What are politicians expected to do in the House of Commons anyway? A lot about accountability, but what else? How do opposition parties prove they are a “government in waiting”? What are the expected actions? Heckling and complaining? Suggestions? Constructive criticism?


Why didn’t Prime Minister Trudeau recuse himself? Did he think it wouldn’t matter? Did he not realize how close he was to the charity? Did he know about the payments to his brother and mother or was it something not discussed in his family? He tried not to know how they got their money so he wouldn’t have a conflict of interest? Should family members of a Prime Minister have different protocols? Blind trusts? Announcements of income?

How far back do we look for payments? His wife was paid before he was prime minister, should it still matter?

Why did WE charity initially say no one was paid? Should charities have to disclose if they pay anyone related to the Prime Minister?

Does it matter that the amounts are over a period of 4 years? Does it matter that the mother was paid $250,000 and the brother $32,000? Would it be better if it were only the mother? Does it matter that the totals refer to 28 speaking events over 4 years for the mother, and 8 events for the brother?


Is it okay for politicians to tell reporters a question is ridiculous? If it’s a question people would likely ask, why respond as if it shouldn’t be? Isn’t it reasonable to ask the leader of the Opposition why he wasn’t wearing a mandatory mask during a pandemic, especially when Canada’s top medical health official recommends it and the airport he was in has a policy requiring it?

Considering the airport did have that policy, did anyone ask him to wear a mask? Has the airport been asked about its policy and enforcement? Others were seen without masks as well, is it not enforced? Was there special treatment?

Why does saying he was on the phone make it ok? That’s not a reason to take off a mask?


Statistics/surveys/polls all suggest that men are less likely to wear a mask or recycle because it’s a “sign of weakness.” How? Do masks need to appear more “manly” so more men will wear them? Should women wear frilly masks to make a regular mask less “weak?” Is this why tools starting coming out in pink? Less to encourage women and more to calm men? “Of course she needs her pink hammer. Ha ha.”

How is it considered weak? A sign that one needs assistance to stay alive or protect others? Do most men refuse medications or medical help/advice?

How does one change that mentality?

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