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  7. Normalizing killers?

Normalizing killers?

Why do we consistently try to show how normal someone was before they went to kill someone? To absolve people of guilt that there nothing to be done to stop it? What if there are signs? Is it to get rid of the belief that someone we know isn’t capable of this?

Does it uncover the dangers of conspiracy theories? Unchecked death threats? Or does it illustrate that only a few will act on these threats?

Would the response have been different if the Prime Minister was there? If he, unfortunately, was home? Would Opposition leaders have condemned the act then?

Does the amount of guns matter? Or what kinds they were?

Did the RCMP want to downplay it to buy time for a replacement gate? To discourage copycats? Or did they view this as no big deal?

What if he had fired a gun? Would that have made him more of a believable threat? Even if it was just in the air? Just to get attention?

It was a 2 hour deescalation so does this prove that guns aren’t always necessary, but patience? Or that it was lucky the RCMP is armed?

Did they get a stronger gate?

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