Idealistic Optimist

The sun is shining behind the fluffy clouds. The birds are cheerfully singing songs of joy. Dogs are panting with smiles on their furry faces. Even cats appear to have happiness dancing in their eyes. Kids are playing with their laughter echoing in the air. Parents are tenderly wondering about their children, eager to see them again even if the separation is merely minutes. Babies are proving that hope springs eternal, loud and without regret. Friends are talking to friends, or seeing them, or simply wishing them well. There are strangers sincerely telling other strangers to feel better, or helping them along with no desire for rewards.
In the air is a calm, warm sensation of belonging and connection. It is a deceptively small feeling, often overlooked, which declares that all the world is hugging each other, protecting each other as best they can, and that tomorrow, regardless of how gloomy it may appear to the untrained eye, will be more glorious than today by far.
There is a voice whispering on the wind, softly murmuring gentle promises of shared love from family and friends, of eternal comfort from so many people the number is too large to conceive, of brighter futures for all who dare to seek them, of fairy-tale happy endings for those who risk dreaming and allowing their hearts to show them what can lie ahead. Listen very closely and look with wide eyes, and anyone can see the greatness of every day and hear the song of life humming harmoniously all around. Pain, misery, and worry are easily drowned out by the song. They blur into faded, formless entities while the universal hope comes into fresh focus. The weight of stress vanishes from the body and heart, fleeing from the intensity of warm joy swirling around each human.
For there shall be a tomorrow and it will be even better than today, as impossible as that sounds.

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