Welcome To A Wanderland Of Wonder

One of my favourite quotes is from Socrates: Wisdom begins with wonder. He’s that philosopher I liken to a two-year-old, constantly asking why, which is pretty much why he ended up being sentenced to death by eating hemlock.

The quote, though, is a good one to me. I like asking why. I like wondering about the world, why it operates the way it does, why people do what we do. I doubt I’ll end up wise, but hopefully smarter. And hopefully avoid that hemlock.

So here is where I’m going to wander online. I’ll have blog posts as I try to figure things out– be forewarned I’m not against changing my mind for the right reasons (I realize I was wrong)– so one post might eventually be contradicted by another. There will be stories I write as I vent some creativity, let my imagination wander. Here is also where I’ll put up some art as I figure that part of myself out too.

Feel free to journey with me, full of wonder, hoping for a bit of wisdom.

Let Me Explain What the Page Names Mean

To Whom It May Concern–
These are letters I pretend to write. Like if someone asked if marrying someone with a disability is a burden, this is what I’d write back.

I write out any questions I have. I will look for answers on my own, and I’m not asking for advice nor will I post answers. These are just things I wonder about after reading articles or seeing something. Some question posts are long, others are short. Hopefully, they all provoke some questions (and wonder) for you.

Change the World–
The “grand” ideas I have, I say with a laugh. This is where I write my ideas that are definitely different.

Imagination in Writing–
Short stories and such are here. Maybe a poem or song, if the mood hits me right. I’m also working on a book (or two) so I will have progress updates, but these are personal projects so there are no deadlines or publishers really.

Imagination Visuals–
I like painting and sketching, but mostly doodling. Occasionally I’ll post my latest project.

Wondering Aloud (in type)–
More personal ramblings are here. These posts are mostly reflection pieces.

Me Me Me–
All about me.

Something I wrote years ago and keep updating as feelings and ideas change.